The first day of your new life

The Barcelona coding school that will transform your life.

Why choose us?

The options for coding schools don’t seem to stop multiplying. So, why should you choose us?

Proven methodology

Our courses have been thought up for people with no knowledge of programming. Don’t be afraid- we have proven that it works.

100% practical

From the first day of class we’ll work as if we were on a professional team, with project deadlines and orders, just like those of a programmer. This will help prepare you for working life.

Your work tool

Experience has shown us that students working with different computer devices, of varying quality and performance levels, reduces the effectiveness in the development of the course. Therefore, we’ve included in our total price the cost of a Macbook Air (which you’ll keep after the completion of the course) so that you have the proper tools to learn without technical difficulties.

Guaranteed employment

Our HR department will help you find employment as a developer, preparing you for interviews and helping you create a competitive profile.

Course details

Our numbers

What level will I achieve by the end?

By the end of the course you’ll have the necessary knowledge to find employment as a junior programmer and start your professional career. The dedication and effort you put in while here will also help speed up your learning process.

ur methodology teaches you to face any challenge, we’ll show you how to think like a developer so you learn how to solve any problem using your own logic.

At Aticco Coding School we teach you to think like a developer and give you the tools to solve any problem.

Training team experience

Our team has more than 6 years of experience in technological training in Bootcamps.

We started when almost no one offered this training, and we’ve tested and developed our system from the ground up. During this time we have learnt, corrected and improved our methodology to ensure we offer the best training possible.

We are not new to this- more than 300 students are already working in the development field thanks to our training, of which more than 95% had no previous programming knowledge.

The data shows that it’s possible.

If you need us to expand on any information please do not hesitate to contact us- we’ll answer any questions or doubts you may have.

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JavaScript Full Stack Course Full-time|Class Attendance
3 months (480 hours)

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JavaScript Full Stack|Front-End Course part-time|Semi Attendance

3 months (240 hours)

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Javascript Full Stack Course

Online Mentoring

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If you ́re interested, leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you with more information.